About Our Finishes

Finishing Options:

         We offer many types of finishes for our millwork. From all natural products to the most durable high end finishes on the market. Here is a list of finish options and the typical ways they are used. Hopefully this helps you to make an informed decision on which finish is best for you.

The finishes are listed in order of greatest to least maintenance.

Danish Oil: Is one of the original protective finishes used on furniture. The oil protects from typical water and food stains. However the oil does not protect against scratches, chemicals or burns from hot plates or coffee pots. This finish brings out the natural color, warmth, and characteristics of the wood. It is a relatively environmentally friendly product.

Maintenance of this product is relatively simple. As the oil dissipates into the wood it needs to be cleaned and re coated usually every 6 months to a year. To do this simply wipe down the table with mineral spirits. This will take off any dirt and residue left on the table. Next wipe on the Danish oil with a clean lint free rag. Apply liberally. Wait about 5-10 minutes depending on temperature and then wipe excess product off. Wait another 8-10 hours and rebuff table with a clean rag. The longer you buff the finish the better it will look.

Wax over Danish Oil: With this finish the Danish oil is applied then a wax is applied over it. Wax is applied over the Danish oil for added protection of the wood and also for a slightly different appearance. Wax is a soft finish and adds some wear protection to the oil if properly maintained.  It does not add any chemical or heat resistance to the table.

Maintenance of the wax is slightly more time consuming then just having an oil finish. Wax is naturally a soft material and as such wears off over time. Waxing of the table will need to be done every 3-6 months to keep the original showroom quality finish. A typical table top should take 20-30 minutes to properly re-wax. First take a piece of fine steel wool or 320-600 grit sand paper and lightly buff the top of the table to remove any old wax and residue. This should take 5-10 minutes. Next take a clean rag lightly dipped in mineral spirits and wipe all residue off the top of the table until clean. Next apply paste wax using a clean rag. You should see a filmy residue of wax left behind when done. Next let wax dry for 5 -10 minutes and buff off with a clean rag. The longer you buff the piece the better it will look.

Traditional lacquer and Shellac are not products we offer. Many of our competitors do, but due to it’s weak film strength and relatively short life span for things like cabinetry, table tops and chairs we do not recommend it. The alternative products we offer listed below far exceed the life span of traditional lacquer.

Pre Cat Lacquer: is a maintenance free product and is typically applied by spraying and is used on our painted table legs, aprons, chairs, cabinetry, doors, molding and other millwork.  It provides a beautiful finish that will last for years.  We do not recommend this finish on table tops as we offer more durable solutions.

Maintenance of this product is very minimal.  Use light soapy water or wipes to clean the surface. This finish will typically last 5-10 years on lightly used objects before refinishing is necessary and 15-20 years on cabinetry.

Acrylic or water based polyurethane: One of our most popular choices for an environmentally friendly and durable finish.  We use a European formulated finish that out performs all traditional finishes on the market. This finish looks very similar to traditional lacquer and shellac and has that warm glow and depth of clarity. This finish is available in all different sheens. From flat to a high gloss.

Maintenance of this product is very minimal. Use light soapy water or furniture wipes to clean the surface. This finish will typically last 8-10 years on a typical use table top or 15-25 years on cabinetry.

Conversion Varnish:  This is our second most durable product.  In 90% of cases this product surpasses the needs of typical mill-work and furniture.  Conversion varnish is a 2 component product.  Meaning the products are mixed together before spraying. This results in a product with high scratch resistance, heat resistance and chemical resistance. This highly durable product is perfect for the most discerning client that wants a piece of furniture that will require very littler maintenance for years to come. Conversion Varnish is available in all sheens from flat high gloss.

Maintenance of this product is very minimal. Use Murphy’s oil soap or furniture wipes to clean the surface.  This finish will typically last 10-15 years on a typical use table top or 25-35 years on cabinetry.

2k Urethanes and Polyesters: These are the most durable products offered anywhere. These products are based of European formulations and Automotive paints. Acrylic Urethanes offer unsurpassed wear, chemical, abrasion and heat resistance. These products are used on the finest furniture produced here and throughout the world. You will typically find them used in high end yacht and private jet interiors as well as on conference tables. Unsurpassed clarity, sheen and protection is there trademark. Urethanes are perfect for clients who want millwork that will look brand new for years and years to come.  

Maintenance of this product is very minimal. Use murphy’s oil soap or furniture wipes to clean the surface. This finish will typically last 10-20 years of heavy use on tables or 30 years + on cabinetry and millwork.